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Here are some links I thought you might enjoy, please click on an organization below...

Los Angeles Conservancy

The Los Angeles Conservancy, the largest membership-based local historic preservation organization in the country, is dedicated to the recognition, preservation, and revitalization of the architectural and cultural heritage of greater Los Angeles.

The Claremont Community Foundation

The Claremont Community Foundation represents the important values of Claremont, a special small town within the larger Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Claremont Heritage, Inc.

Claremont Heritage is a non-profit membership organization devoted to the history and preservation of the Claremont community through research, education and action. Our programs include - walking tours, slide show, lectures, workshops, home and garden tours, and school presentations. In all these ways we seek to communicate to residents and visitors the qualities that make Claremont unique and the value of preserving our neighborhoods and history.

Pasadena Heritage

Pasadena Heritage works to protect Pasadena's architectural and cultural resources; advocates for endangered buildings; offers tours, workshops, lectures and other educational programs; and provides consultation and referral services for members.

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts

Recognizing and celebrating fine artists and craftsmen who skillfully create timeless treasures with their hands. . . this is the legacy of master woodworker Sam Maloof and his late wife and partner of fifty years, Alfreda.


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